logo child protection in education

22 September 2020 - London
30 September 2020 - Manchester
6 October 2020 - Bristol


Streamed Sessions 2

14:40 - 15:30

2A: Your Safeguarding Culture

Best practice in evidencing day-to-day compliance, training and updates, using learning walks, and working with your safeguarding governor.

 2B: Domestic Abuse

Explore strategies for supporting students living with and witnessing violence or acrimonious separations.

 2C: Child Protection Conferences and core groups

Prepare for your role at Child Protection conferences and explore decision making through real-life cases.

 2D: Prevent 

Recognise the signs of far right and extremist influences and gain strategies to support young people at risk of radicalisation.

2E: Knife-crime and gangs 

Up to date information on knife-crime & gangs. Explore the legalities around searching for and confiscating weapons and strategies to safeguard against criminal exploitation.