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22 September 2020 - London
30 September 2020 - Manchester
6 October 2020 - Bristol


Streamed Sessions 3

15:50 - 16:40

3A: Developing DSL Practice 

Learn how to ensure DSL wellbeing and explore models for good DSL supervision and professional networks of support.

 3B: Trauma Informed Practice

Learn about the neuroscience behind Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact of trauma on children’s learning and behaviour.

 3C: Information Sharing and GDPR

Unpick the issues of confidentiality, information sharing and subject access requests and ensure robust safeguarding at times of transition.

3D: International and students from other cultures 

Examine how to safeguard students from very different cultures, including those who may be reluctant to share concerns, or boarders, and explore how guardianship can work most effectively.

3E: Parental mental health

Unpack the impact parental mental ill-health has on children and learn how to support students acting as carers.