Dave Allport

Dave has been involved in anti-racism work, including training for police, teachers, youth workers, health workers etc for more than 30 yearsHis emphasis is on detached youth workspecialising in anti-racism. Having worked at an African-Caribbean Resource Centre for 7 years and a Muslim Community Centre for 4 years, he’s also worked within white communities where racism and Far Right activity were prominent. Published by the Runneymede Trust and other national publications, his work has been recognised as ‘good practice’ at a World conference on racism held in South Africa. A member of an all-party House of Commons group on conflict resolution and an advisor to central Government on Far Right issues, feeding into the Prime Minister’s Extremism Task Force, Dave is a Home Office quality assured trainer on Far Right Extremism and Ideology. He is founder and director of the internationally recognised REWIND UK project which produced a Home Office and CLG supported educational DVD that is used internationally. He was a registered OSCT (Office for Security and Counter Terrorism) Intervention provider on Far Right for 10 years and has carried out more than 300 interventions with individuals from groups as diverse as EDL (including the ex- leader), NF, C18, Aryan Strike Force, NSM, National Action and others, including national leaders of some of these groups.