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London 28 September 2021

Manchester 30 September 2021


Manchester 2021 programme

Explore the strategic challenges currently being faced by school leadership and how the development of the right mindset underpins effective safeguarding practice. The session considers the practical steps that senior leaders can take to ensure a whole school approach and develop proactive strategies to tackle all aspects of safeguarding. 

Martin Baker, CEO and co-founder, The Safeguarding Company

Mike Glanville, Chief Safeguarding Officer and founding member, The Safeguarding Company

Roundtable discussions on learning and innovation from the past 18 months.

Share best practice, key challenges, tips and resources with other safeguarding professionals.

Key thoughts on changes to KCSIE and getting ready for the year ahead

Dai Durbridge, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP

1A: Mental health

Identify young people at risk and build your culture of support and escalation

Joanna Nicolas, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

1B: Child Sexual Exploitation

A contextual approach to Child Sexual Exploitation and trauma-informed practice: looking at how we apply the contextual approach to child sexual exploitation

Carla Hoof, Service Manager, Disrupting Exploitation Service, The Children's Society

Lauren Ashton, Project Worker, Disrupting Exploitation Service, The Children's Society 

1D: Consistency and structures 

Ensure consistency of safeguarding structures to effect a robust culture, procedures, and communications across your Trust

Dai Durbridge, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP

2A: Child-on-child abuse

Recognise and respond to child-on-child abuse and build a healthy, safe culture

Joanna Nicolas, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

2B: Child criminal exploitation

Identify risks of exploitation and strategies to support those affected

Craig Pinkney, CEO/Founder, SOLVE: The Centre for Youth Violence and Conflict

 2C: Managing allegations

Explore how to manage allegations against staff and students and maintain the confidence of your community

 Yvonne Spencer, Partner, VWV and Sarah Martin, HR Consultant, Narrow Quay HR 


3A: Domestic abuse

Recognise indicators and gain strategies to support young people who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse

Ella Savell-Boss, Safeguarding Consultant

3B: Safeguarding culture and curriculum

Get the most from staff training and curriculum with a planned calendar that pervades your community to empower and equip

Andrea Glynn, Schools Safeguarding Director and Consultant

3C: Governance

Review and assess your safeguarding governance to ensure effective systems and escalation

Dai Durbridge, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP


Recognise the indicators of neglect and gain strategies to enhance your support of affected students and families

Debbie Innes-Turnill, Safeguarding Consultant and Child Protection Lecturer


Supervision and staff support

Develop your whole school culture of supervision to support staff 

Ella Savell-Boss, Safeguarding Consultant